More than just a decorative object inspired by the Art Toy culture, Xoopar Stereo Boy Speaker is a true high quality Bluetooth speaker. Turn it on and XBoy greets you with a ” Hello, I’m on!” message. When it is trying to pair with your smartphone by bluetooth, it says “Looking Around!” until it is paired and then says “I’ve got you!”. When it needs to be recharged, it will tell you too! Yes those fun Boys have a lot of character, no wonder our community gets so emotional. And it glows too. || The Smartest Stereo pairing system! With 10W of music power, X-Boy Stereo is loud and delivers a crisp sound. Pair 2 X-Boy stereo speakers by bluetooth :1 will become your left channel and the other your right channel, giving you a surround stereo effect! Place the BOYS stereo strategically in your living room, kitchen or bedroom, opposite to one another, and enjoy the immersive experience! One for him, one for her, but together, they make the perfect pair! || With its built-in microphone, BOY STEREO doubles as speakerphone: You can share your conversation with your friends and family.. Plus, if you have decided to discipline your phone usage, BOY STEREO is perfect for you: Copy your music on a microSD card that you place in its built-in reader in the back of its head, and you do not need your phone anymore, all your music is now inside BOY STEREO! || Includes a micro USB to USB cable, and a jack 3.5mm to micro USB cable. || 10W power, only 5 inch tall, 10 hours of battery life, recharges in 1.5 hours. Sound + /- buttons and track control buttons located on the back of the head