Enjoy the Fun Of DIY! – DIY diamond painting is a simple art activity that is suitable for both adults and kids. It can help to reduce stress, Enhance self-confidence, cultivate patience, experience a sense of achievement.

Concise design, exquisite and unique appearance, which can match your indoor and outdoor decoration.
Pillowcases are without padding or stuffing.
Perfect to decorate your living room or bedroom to match different decoration styles. We believe you will like it.
Exquisite pillowcases can also be used with any style of bed, sofa.

High Quality colour printed Diamond dot gifting card

Diamond Painting DIY Kit,Full Drill, 40x30cm- Lifestyle: Swinging

Package Include: One high-quality canvas, several bags of individually packaged diamonds; one diamond painting tool pen, one glue clay, one plastic diamond tray.
Easy to DIY: Every symbol is clearly defined. It’s easy to distinguish and paste resin diamonds. Use 4 -10 hours to finish the artwork.
Friendly to DIY lover:This art kit is friendly for adult, elderly, children above 10 years-old, who love to DIY and can follow the instructions to paint by numbers symbols with the different colored diamonds.
Get Spiritual Self Fulfillment: the best choice to relieve stress, get a sense of achievement, and enrich our free time.