Minifigs-395 piece  Octonauts Building Blocks Toy Set,

This is absolute a great gift! Strong and versatile. The shell is strong like a horseshoe crab shell, not afraid of boulder collision, multi-function, and the preferred ship to perform dangerous missions under the sea. The tail of the ship can release a small speedboat and act alone. The top hatch can be opened and placed in a small person and a small vehicle; the double cannon is ejected on the hatch and it is launched at the touch of a button.

Product description

GUP-X Octopus Horseshoe Crab Building Blocks Set

• The submarine tail can release speed boat.
• The top cover can be open to put minifigures and carrier in it, and double-gun can be launched on the cover.
• The submarine body can rotate 360° to simply change the driving direction.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 395 pieces.
• Rotate the fins to rise and dive quickly. The transparent cover can be open.