Minifigs-323 piece  Octonauts Building Blocks Toy Set,

It is small and versatile, and its daily tasks depend on it. The shape is derived from the submarine of the lantern fish, which is round and lovely, and highly restored to the original appearance. It is versatile and is ideal for underwater exploration. The interior of the cockpit is as refined as it is. The top cabin and transparent cover open to reveal the double cockpit. The top lantern light can move up and down.

Product description

ENLIGHTEN 323 GUP-A Lantern Speedboat Building Blocks Set

• It is rounded and cute as lantern fish.
• Delicate cockpit is provided.
• The top cabin and transparent cover can be open to expose the 2-men cockpit.
• The top lanterns can move up and down.
• ENLIGHTEN Octonauts Lantern Speedboat set retail box measures about 25cm in high, 35cm in wide and 6.5cm in deep.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 323 pieces.