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    You can now also clip our FirstNotice Big USB stick to notebooks with 10mm tape. The small USB stick is the perfect companion for your business trips. The USB stick is simply attached to your notebook and cannot be lost. Its great design and the high-quality and impact-resistant ABS material are outstanding on the market. - Connection: USB 2.0 (UDP chip) -  Writing speed: up to 3 MB / s - Reading speed: up to 9 MB / s - Working temperature: approx. -40 ~ 70 ° C - Storage temperature : approx. -20 ~ 55 ° C
  • A5 PU Leather Vintage Journal Notebook Lined Paper Diary Planner Refillable
  • A6 plastic pouches
  • This Bulb Humidifier can be placed vertically as well as at an angle. It has a built-in 7 colour LED light. Let the colours change independently or select your favourite colour. Product Features:
    • 400ml water capacity
    • Remove unfavourable odours
    • Increase humidity of the air
    • Keeps skin supple, shiny as well as moist
    • Small design, portable as well as easy to use
    • Ultrasonic technology turning the water  into a mist
    • The spray time 6 hours, water tank volume can be sprayed for 10 hours
    • Approx. size: 15.3 (L) x 8.8 (W @ bottom) x 3.5 (W @ top) cm
  • Adorable and cute protects your cable, prevents cable cord from damaging and tearing off charging point. These animal cable protectors are suitable for most cell phone USB cables. Assorted colours
  • Flexi Silicone 5 slot Cable Organizer for Any Loose Cable Application
  • 15cm keychain PU leather data sync charging short USB cable
  • Wireless charging powerbank with FOD safe charge protection.
    • Wirelessly charge up to 150% of your smart phone , embedded suction cups for easy charging.
    • Beautiful Géo pattern light.
    It’s a portable power bank to charge your smartphone phone wirelessly. If your phone has built-in wireless charging function, no need for cable to charge! Géo Wireless charger solves a common problem with QI charging which is the difficulty to center the device. Not anymore with Géo! The suction cups on it’s back will hold your phone tight so that the charging will be fast and secure. The handsome light effect will be a very cool gesture for night use. And there is also one extra USB plug for non-QI phones!
  • Universal 3-in-1 Charging Cable: The up-to-date 3-in-1 design which charges most of the mobile phones available on market (Charging only, not for Sync Data). 1 meter cable